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0207 581 3435


Your local chiropractor, physiotherapist and massage therapy clinic in the South Kensington (SW7) and Chelsea (SW3) area of London. Our highly experienced practitioners help you with any kind of muscle pain, joint pain, nerve pain, musculoskeletal problems or bad posture that affects your function and/or aesthetics in daily life.

ProActive Clinic Physiotherapy services are moving to a new location on 1st of June 2015. New address is 106 Draycott Avenue, SW3 3AE, which is just a short walk from the current location -email, contact number 075 474 07770. Chiropractic and massage services are still located on the 1st floor of South Kensington Station Arcade. Accessed by the District, Circle and Picadilly lines of the London Underground.

Along with chiropractic and physiotherapy, our services also include computerised GaitScan and Orthotic therapy and same day x-ray. Our practitioners can work with you individually or as a cohesive team to provide you the best possible results.

Contact us now for an appointment.


" "Quickly identified and explained at first session. Thorough treatment also exercises indicated after each session; improvement constant. I have been thoroughly pleased by the excellent treatment received as well as by the courtesy of the people""

-Marie- Laure Gillespie

""Overall experience at ProActive clinic was extremely positive. My physiotherapy was entirely successful and I felt that I was in the hands of a real medical professional. Far and away the best physiotherapist I've had. I couldn't recommend him more highly. I couldn't be more pleased and satisfied with my physiotherapy treatment. From being in constant pain from my knee, I'm now mobile and can squat for the first time in 15 years.”"


""I feel the treatment has helped tremendously. There is less stress on my back and neck, less pain in my neck and shoulders and therefore I experience more quality of life! I am very thankful for that.""

- Nora

""After more than a year of being almost unable to walk I am now 90% better & well on the way to being 100%!""


""Welcoming; warm; attentive & guiding- reduced my personal stress levels immensely" "Thank you for the relief and new lease on my body!""


"“They clearly identified the problem and after 3 sessions of treatment I've noticed a marked improvement. Very well run, friendly and professional service""


""Shoulders much better, low back is trying to improve, knees much better. Chiropractic is the best, I feel better than ever before. I can recommend this treatment to everybody" "


"Very good. From my first appointment to date I have seen constant improvement. I booked my appoinment when I was in a lot of pain with limited movement of my shoulder and back. I am now exercising again and enjoying it too! It's not to far fetched to say it's been life changing. "

-Sam Pears

"Today we did the second treatment and I can feel my condition improving."


"Lorenzo identified the problem and we are making good progress."


"Good Experience. I think it had a nice personal welcome from the front desk. The therapist was professional throughout. "


""foot pain, back pain & leg pain significantly reduced, was a great relief to walk pain free after many years of chronic pain. Excellent in all respects, Thank you""

-Michelle Clyne

""Very pleased with the professional service given and am going back to Australia very happy to have problem identified at last and knowing a report will be forwarded on to my doctor in Australia""

-Elly Clyne

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