what should i expect from a session?

The Physiotherapist determines the location of the pain by searching for painful points. These points can also be localised using the hand piece.

Gel is applied to the treatment zone to improve the contact between the skin and the hand piece. This allows the shockwaves to penetrate the body effectively. The hand piece is placed on the pain zone in order to release shockwaves. In general, this is painless but sometimes it could be perceived as ‘unpleasant’.

In some cases, the therapist will use a different treatment head, the D-ACTOR. This combination of shockwaves and vibrations is also used for muscular disorders.


What is the duration and frequency of treatment?

The treatment session itself lasts between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the condition. In most cases, 6 to 8 treatment sessions will be required with one week intervals in between treatments.


What is the success rate of Shockwave?

The clinical success rate of shockwave therapy has been reported to be 70 to 80 percent worldwide, with results evident after three to four sessions. This is an extremely successful method used to treat conditions that prior to this would only have been treatable through surgery.


How to prepare for the treatment?

No special preparation is required, except for refraining from consuming non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication during the course of this treatment as it may affect the healing process.


Will there be pain during treatment?

There all be slight discomfort or pain during the treatment but that depends on the individual and the severity of their condition. Since treatment time is of such short duration. the discomfort is generally manageable.


What to expect after treatment?

There may be a brief increase in pain, or reddening or swelling in the area while it heals. In a few individuals this may cause bruising. Some individuals feel an immediate relief and improvement while for others it may take a few repeated sessions to achieve that result.


What advice is given post treatment regarding physical activity?

People are able to resume normal activities right away. If any discomfort is experienced, take over-the-counter pain medication but refrain from anti-inflammatories such as aspirin and ibuprofen as well as from icing the area. Additionally, do not undertake strenuous or high-impact activity for 48 hours following treatment.